Monday, April 27, 2009

Welcome to the Grad School Forum Blog

Many of you are well into your planning for graduate school. Others are just beginning, or don't really know where to start. This is the place for all our sociology majors to share their advice, questions and concerns about graduate school. Let us know what's on your mind.


  1. What majors can get into grad school for sociology and what are the requirements?

  2. I'm considering pursuing a masters in biostatistics, but cant seem to find schools, any suggestions on where to go? And what to look for in a masters program?

  3. Regarding a Masters in Biostatistics, this can often be found under a Masters of Public Health degree.
    For example at my school there are 6 different departments for a Masters of Public Health:
    Global Health
    Health Policy management
    behavioral sciences
    Environmental Health

  4. thanks for the tip on biostatistics.

  5. When and where are information sessions held for the graduate program?

  6. I was just wondering, now ending my sophmore year what my road map should be looking like now to be able to be elligible for grad school?

  7. Re: the last comment, I think the most important thing is to look like someone who can plausibly do research. One way to do this is by doing some research, such as a senior thesis. Most undergrad theses are frankly not impressive, but if you start delving into a topic now, you may be able to develop some interesting ideas.

    Recommendations matter a lot, so think about cultivating professional relationships with some specific faculty members who can become familiar enough with your work and talents to write you great letters.

    Writing samples matter a lot too. Start working EARLY on your term papers and make them as good as you can. Take feedback seriously and revise them. Try to make one paper as good as you can make it and use that as your writing sample. You can also give it to your recommenders when the time comes, and it will help them write you great letters.

    I recommend Cal Newport's books (see for study suggestions pitched at the undergrad level. Frankly I find his suggestions helpful in grad school.

    Good luck!

  8. I am an older student who wants to attend grad school. I have a couple of concerns:
    1. GRE scores. I'm presently a CSULB undergrad, and a classmate told me that GRE scores aren't required if we are applying to grad school at CSULB. Is this true? I'm looking into applying to the CSULB Applied Sociology program and I'm worried about the GRE.

    2. I haven't had the time to join student activities or organizations due to outside commitments. I worry that this will negatively impact my application.

    3. Do we need to complete Soc. 355 prior to applying, or can it be in progress at the time of application? I will be completing the course in Spring 2012.

    4. I'm worried that my age/non-traditional student status will work against me. Is the grad program fairly age-diverse? I know cohorts can vary from year to year, but I do worry that my age may work against me.

    Thank you for any and all input! It's most appreciated.

  9. I am a Junior current Fashion Merchandising Major, what are the chances of me being admitted to a grad school without changing my major. Or if I perhaps took sociology as a minor?